Alan Zucker


In this day and age, many of us can fill a variety of positions. Whatever role I play within a project, I bring a commitment to the creative mission. I carry a willingness to work efficiently, effectively, and with minimal friction, toward the successful delivery of the final product.


Often a key member of the creative team, I bring keen insights as a Writer; style and technical acuity as a Director of Photography; and broad vision and execution management as Director or Assistant Director. My skills in specific crew areas allow me to fill multiple roles… from one-man band to team-player.


Make it look good. For the audience. For the client. For the talent.
For the love of God. We have to make it look good.

Come in on/under budget. So that the Producers are happy to see us on-set.

Don’t delay. Because the market awaits a masterpiece.

Contact Me

My cell is 510-333-7143
More about me and a reel of my work at: